【What to buy in Milan?】The best 9 souvenir ideas in Milan

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The best souvenir ideas in Milan! If you’re looking for some new ideas for your souvenir in Milan? This is a perfect article for you! I lived in Milan for 2 years and here are my suggestions!

1. Moka pot from Bialetti (coffee maker)

The first idea for your souvenir in Milan is a Moka pot. The Moca pot is a typical coffee maker from Italy and it’s used for making an espresso coffee at home. In Italy, it’s considered as a must-have item at home because Italian loves espresso coffee. I’ve heard from my Italian teacher that people bring a Moka pot with them when they’re traveling; put it in their suitcase! 

Bialetti is one of the well-known brands for Moka pot. And they have a shop near to Duomo (Just 3 minutes away by walk!). They have a variety of sizes, so you can choose the best size for your need: from a 0.5 cup to 10 cups. The small one (for example for 2 cups) is not heavy and it doesn’t take much space, so you can easily put it into your luggage and bring it to your home.

Also, a Moka pot is a good souvenir for your friends and family who love coffee. I gave it to my cousin who loves to drink coffee and he liked it.

【Recommend shop】
Bialetti Store
Piazza dei Mercanti, 7, 20123 Milano MI, Italia
Website (in Italian):https://www.bialetti.it/it_it/

2. Stationaries from Fabriano

The second souvenir idea in Milan is stationaries from Fabriano. Fabriano is an Italian stationery brand. They had a pop-up store in Tokyo before. Their stationaries are so minimalistic and colorful. They have diaries, simple notebooks, planners, cute pencils, etc. It’ll be the best souvenir for your friends or colleagues who like to write by hand. Also, they have small leather items such as a small wallet, a planner cover, a passport case, and so on. So you can also find a nice souvenir for travel lovers!

【Store info】
Fabriano Boutique Milano
Via Ponte Vetero, 17, 20121 Milano MI See on Google Map
Website(in English):https://www.fabrianoboutique.com/

3. Iconic toothpaste from Marvis

Marvis is a famous toothpaste brand from Italy. Because of their cool package design, it’s getting very famous especially in Japan. (I saw it in some famous concept stores in Tokyo!)

there are mainly two sizes: Full size and mini size. You can also find a travel kit (3 different tastes of mini size tubes) .

Where to buy Marvis toothpaste? Basically, you can find it at some Farmacia (pharmacy in Italian) but I recommend Parashop Italia, where they have a bunch of products and nice offers. Because some pharmacy doesn’t have Marvis but here you can find it for sure, and you can get even cheaper compared to other pharmacies. Also sometimes you can find it at Esselunga, an Italian big supermarket.

【Where to buy】
Parashop Italia
Via Torino, 51, 20123 Milano MI, ItaliaParashop Italia See on Google Map
Marvis Website(In English):https://www.marvis.com/

4. Soap and hand cream from L’erborario

At L’erborario, you can find the best souvenir for your friends who love organic cosmetics! L’erborario is organic and plant-based skincare, body care and cosmetic brand. And their products are 100% made in Italy.

They have a variety of smells for each product such as rose, viola, lavender, lemon, cherry blossom and so on. The quality of the products is very high, and the package is also pretty!

The price is also affordable: a fragranced soap is from 3 euro. Also, they have amazing perfumes.

5. Iconic Italian magnets from Albo Trade

For magnet collectors, I recommend magnets from Albo Trade. Their magnets are similar to Italian daily used products such as packed-pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano (cheese), Mutti’s canned tomato, Aperol, these are miniature of Italian famous products: if you stay in Italy for a long time, these are the products you buy or at least see at supermarkets for your daily life. It would be a perfect souvenir also for anyone who has lived in Italy because these magnets remind their life and time spent in Italy.

Price: 4.5 euro for each

Where to find: HighTech (check the address below!) and some carrefour supermarket

【Where to buy】 
Piazza XXV Aprile, 12, 20124 Milano MI, Italia
Website: https://www.cargomilano.it/

6. Milan flagship store only! Kiko’s customized cosmetics

The best souvenir idea for cosmetic lovers in Milan: Kiko‘s cosmetics. But at the same time, it can be banal. So, I recommend going to their flagship store in Milan (Via Privata della Passarella 4, see more info below).

There, you can put your name, message and some designs (like Duomo or stars) on cosmetics (see the picture below!) And you can do it only at the flagship store.

you can customize (Free of charge!):

  • lipstick
  • mascara
  • makeup brush …and more!

【Where to buy】 
KIKO MILANO flagship store
Via Privata della Passarella, 4, 20122 Milano MI, Italia
Website: https://www.kikocosmetics.com/en-us/

7. Chocolate from Guido Gobino

For chocolate lovers, I recommend Guido Gobino‘s chocolate. My Italian teacher who loves chocolate recommended me this brand. Guido Gobino is one of the famous Italian chocolate brands from Turin. 

In Japan, their chocolate is getting popular and in February they had a pop-up shop for Valentine’s day (since chocolate is the most common gift for Valentine’s day in Japan)  

Where to buy: Guido Gobino store and Eataly 

【Where to buy】 
Guido Gobino
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 39, 20121 Milano
Website: http://guidogobino.it/en/

8. Barilla’s pasta sauce

Barilla is one of the most well-known pasta and sauces brand from Italy. And their pasta sauces are a good souvenir for foodies. 

Perhaps, these are available in Europe so they might be something special. But for example in Japan, we don’t have such a wide variety of their products, so it would be a great souvenir. 

Barilla’s pasta sauce is quite easy to use and it has good taste. 

【Where to buy】
Any supermarket in Milan!
Barilla Website:https://www.barilla.com/it-it/ricerca-prodotti/sauce/gamma/pesti?sort=alpha
(It’s in italian but you can see the pictures and check more pasta sauces)

9. Sweets from Milan? Panettone from Vergani

Panettone is a traditional sweet for Christmas in northern Italy, and it’s originally from Milan! Since it’s a Christmas cake, generally, you can find it from October or November. But at some stores, they have it all year!

Check Vergani, one of the traditional patisserie and famous for their panettone.

Vergani Milano
Corso di Porta Romana, 51, 20122 Milano MI, Italia
Website (In Italian):http://www.panettonevergani.com/il-panettone/

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