【Gelato】The 4 Best Gelato Shops You Should Try in Milan!

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Do you want to try the best gelato in Milan? Here, you’ll find the top 4 gelaterias in Milan! In Italy, everyone loves gelato: People eat gelato not only in summer but also in winter! I’m a gelato lover, too. Especially in summer, I used to try different gelateria every day. (!) So, here is my favorite gelateria list.

1. Pavé Gelati&Granite

Pavé, well known for a café and its croissant, is not only famous for a café but also they have a cool gelato shop as well.
I recommend here because they have unique and different tastes that you can’t taste in another gelateria in Italy!
In Italy in general, the taste of gelato is something simple such as strawberry. mango, pistachio, chocolate so on. they often follow their traditional way. But at Pavé, you’ll find something different.

For example lemon Curcuma ginger, almond with American cherry… etc!
Also, the interior of their gelateria is very modern and chic.
wanna try a new flavor but you don’t wanna make a mistake? Ask them for a tasting!
You can say…
Posso assaggiare questo? (Can I try this?)
Then you can try the taste.

Try: their unique flavors (try something new that you’ve never seen before!)



Via Cesare Battisti, 21, 20122 Milano MI, Italia

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2. Alberto Marchetti

Alberto Marchetti is a gelateria from Turin, where it’s famous for the winter Olympics. Their gelateria in Milan is located near Cinque Giornate (15 minutes by walk from Duomo). It’s quite popular and loved by locals. The taste of their gelato is amazing and juicy, and ingredients are so fresh. I tried a lot of gelato places in Milan, and here’s one of my favorite.

Try: any flavors are delicious but try their fruit flavors such as peach (pesca in Italian) and mix berries (frutti di bosco in Italian)



Viale Monte Nero 73, Milano

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3. Vanilla Gelati Italiani

Are you looking for a gelato shop near Duomo? “Vanilla Gelati Italiani” is the best gelateria for you! Because it’s located near Duomo (Milan Cathedral), so you can reach there just three minutes by walk from Duomo.

Vanilla Gelati Italiani” is one of the famous and popular gelato shop in Milan. Needless to say that their gelato tastes wonderful. There are a lot of different kinds of flavors (especially in summer!). They even have three different pistachio flavors! So, it is a perfect gelateria for pistachio lovers!
Also, they have vegan gelato; around 6 different flavors are available. So, if you are a vegan, don’t worry! You can enjoy an amazing gelato here.

Try: pistachio



Via Pattari, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italia

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4. Gelateria Giova

Gelateria Giova, which is recommended by some Italian media and also by a Japanese website, is a very popular gelateria for locals. It’s located in the residential area in Milan. (near Porta Venezia)
in the summer, there’s always a queue especially around 15:00.

Try: any flavors are good, try what you like



Corso Indipendenza, 20, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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