The Best Lunch Places in Milan for Solo Travelers

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Here are the best lunch places for solo travelers! I often travel by myself and I always find it difficult to eat alone. Because I don’t see so many people who eat alone at a restaurant (especially in Italy!). And I sometimes felt uncomfortable to eat outside by myself when I travel. From this experience, I made a list of solo travelers! In these spots where I am going to introduce, you don’t have to worry about you eat alone!

Panini Durini

Firstly, I recommend Panini Drini for solo travelers. Panini Drini is a chain panini shop, and there are 20 shops in Milan. It’s a good place for lunch. They have more than 20 different kinds of paninis. So, you’ll find your favorite one. It’s quite easy to order even if you don’t speak Italian because there’s a number on each panini (like the picture). So, you can just need to choose one panino that you like, and tell the number. Also, the English menu is available.

Panini Durini


Via Giuseppe Mengoni, 4, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

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  €€ (パニーニ5€〜)


Princi is a famous bakery from Milan. They recently opened a branch store in Tokyo. Their squared pizza is delicious and it’s not big so you can have one or two slices (depends on how much you are hungry).
At lunchtime, you can also have pasta, salad, lasagna and so on. the menu changes every day.
I saw many people here eating by themselves. So, it’s a good place for solo travelers.
They have five stores in Milan.



Via Ponte Vetero, 10, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

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  €€ (Pizza 3.5 euro, the price depends on how many grams and its ingredients)

L’orto di Brera

Do you want to eat something healthily “L’orto di Brera” is the perfect lunch place for you.

It’s located near Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery). It’s a small greengrocer but they have an eating space. You can have fresh salad and vegetable dishes made by their fresh vegetables. They also have meat and fish dishs. And the price is also affordable.

If you had heavy dishes (such as pasta and pizza) during your stay in Milan, it’s the best place.

Vegetable dishes: 3 euro for each

Salad: 6 euro for each

Fish, meat, pasta (with vegetable): 6 euro for each

I usually have salad or two vegetable dishes.

L’orto di Brera 


Via San Carpoforo 6 – 20121 Milano

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  €€ (Salad from 6 euro, vegetable dishes from 3 euro


Permanently closed

Are you looking for a place where locals eat in Milan? Then, you should go to “Piadiniamo“.

Piadiniamo is a small piadineria, where you can eat piadina.

Piadina is a traditional Italian food, originally from Emilia Romagna in Italy. It’s a thin flatbread made with flour and olive oil. And they put a variety of ingredients inside of the flatbread such as tomato, ham, cheese, and so on. I would say it’s similar to burrito.

In my opinion, Piadiniamo is the best place in Milan to eat piadina! I’ve never seen tourists. And at lunchtime, there are full of locals. The owner and the people who work there are so friendly, and that’s one of the reason why I like here.  

The menu is written in Italian. So I made a word list for you to order (you can find it below) Even if you don’t know what’s inside, basically, every piadina is so tasty.

Pomordori, Pomodorini: tomato  Lattuga: lettuce

Prosciutto crudo: ham  Prosciutto cotto: cooked ham

Salmone (salmone affumicato): Salmon (smoked salmon)

Tonno: tuna  Melanzana: eggplant 



Viale Monte Nero, 33, 20135 Milano MI, Italia

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 €€ (Piadina from 5€)


Lavazza” is a good lunch place located near Duomo. Here, you can have a variety of options such as pasta, salad, bagel gourmet and so on. I recommend their bagel gourmet because the ingredients are so fresh and are so delicious. They have terrace seats. So I recommend having a seat on the terrace when it’s sunny. Also, their coffee and croissant are good, too. You can go to have breakfast or have a coffee here.



Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

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  €€ (Bagel 6.9€~)