The Best Yogurt You Must Try in Italy

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When it comes to yogurt, there are so many flavors in Italy! When I go to the supermarket, yogurt is really lined up on the shelves. Everything looks so good so that I often can’t make up my mind which one to choose.
Here are some yogurt flavors and yogurt makers that you should definitely try when you come to Italy.
By the way, Italian yogurt is generally so creamy than Japanese yogurt. If you like a light taste, choose the one that says “Magro,” which has less fat!

Italian yogurt makers


Yomo is a classic Italian yogurt maker, and you can find their yogurt in any supermarket in Italy. They have a wide range of flavors, and Yomo is one of my favorite yogurt makers.


Their yogurt is produced in the German-speaking city called Vipiteno, in northern Italy. You can find it at most supermarkets in Milan.

I especially love their blueberry flavor, and it has plenty of blueberries! They sell it in a big pack of 500 grams. Whenever I buy it, I always try not to eat a lot at once because it’s so tasty.


Müller‘s yogurt is also delicious! Especially, muller’s Mix yogurt is vrery good, and it has various flavors. It comes with fruit sauce, cereals or some toppings.


Although it’s not an Italian manufacturer, Fage yogurt is often found in Italian supermarkets. Especially the Greek yogurt with fruit sauce and the Fruyo series are delicious.

Special and unique Italian yogurt flavors

Limone (Lemon)

A refreshing lemon flavor is especially great for summer.

Pistacchio (Pistachio)

In Italy, pistachio is loved by all and is often used in gelato and croissant creams. In fact, you can also have pistachio yogurt. The taste is a little bit lighter than the gelato one’s but still has its rich taste.
Pistachio-flavor yogurt is definitely one of my favorite flavors! I wish I could buy it in Japan!

Caffè (Coffee)

This is also a taste that represents Italy. In Italy, everyone loves coffee, and it also has a coffee-flavored yogurt. The yogurt doesn’t have the bitter taste of the coffee. So, even people who don’t like coffee, they’ll like it! It’s also one of my favorites.

Banane (Banana)

It is irresistible for banana lovers! You can enjoy the rich taste of banana.

Ciliegia (Cherry)

The cherry flavor is rich and creamy! It has plenty of American cherries inside, and its pink color is beautiful.

Stracciatella (chocolate)

There is also chocolate-flavored yogurt in Italy! Stracciatella is a flavor that is also found in gelato and is a mix of crunchy chocolate and milk. I haven’t tried the chocolate flavor yet, but it’s one of the flavors I’d like to try that isn’t in Japan!

Cocco (Coconut)

I love Fruyo’s coconut flavor! It is a very delicious flavor that you can enjoy the crispness of coconut.


Nocciola is a type of nuts, which is also used in the popular nuts spread Nutella. I haven’t tried this flavor yet, but it’s one of the flavors that I definitely want to try.

Melagrana (Pomegranate)

Pera (Pear)

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